Lake Panache Campers Association Inc.


Buy-A-Light Program

Each year, a dedicated team of Lake Panache Campers Association volunteers installs and maintains a series of lights at various locations around the Lake to help campers who are using the lake at night to arrive safely at their destination.  Anyone who has traveled the lake after dark will be familiar with the comforting flashing yellow lights that cheerfully greet them along the way.

Our ‘fleet’ of lights is starting to show its age and we are at the point where we need to consider replacing a number of the lights. The lights also run on batteries that generally need to be replaced at least once per year.  In 2007, the Association purchased two solar powered, LED lights and has been testing them throughout the winter. The lights proved to be very effective in our testing and in 2008, the Association decided to replace our existing lights with the new solar powered variety,

In 1997, the Association launched the very successful ‘Buy-a-Cone’ program where our Members supported the purchase of the reflective cones for the helipad.  In 2008, the Association launched a similar campaign called the ‘Buy-a-Light’ program to ask Members to contribute $160 to the Association to cover the cost of one new solar powered, LED light.

The solar powered, LED lights are slightly more expensive upfront, however, the investment pays off quickly as there are no batteries to replace, we free up some of the Association’s valuable volunteer labour and the lights can be left out later in the season. The $160 donation will cover the full cost plus taxes for one new solar powered, LED light.

During Spring 2008, the Light Committee volunteers rolled out the new solar powered lights across Lake Panache and we are pleased to report that the new lights are performing as expected.

As of February 2009, a total of $8,005 was donated to the Association as part of the program representing the cost of 48 full lights and 9 partial lights.  Thank you to all of our members, partners and friends who contributed to the program.

Additional donations to the Buy-a-Light Program are always welcome.  Click here to download the donation form.

If you have any questions about the solar light program, please contact Paul Young at (705) 855 0422.


The Lake Panache Campers Association Inc. wishes to recognize the following individuals, companies and families that donated over $8,000 to our Buy-A-Light Program.

  • Leigh and Bill Cook
  • Susan and Andy Plante
  • Verna Gutsch
  • Stuart and Michele Greaves
  • Rick Sleaver and Chris Siems
  • Dan and Jan Mantyla
  • Shelley and Peter Palko
  • Mike and Joanne Buss
  • Jack and Maija Ceming
  • Frank and Dyann Lebreton
  • Peter and Jodie Larsen
  • Air Support Inc.
  • Kim and Markku Keskinen
  • Tyson Duncan
  • Tara Duncan
  • John and Sue Woodill
  • Henry Hagen
  • Bill Whitehead Jr.
  • Daryl and Lenka Rautiainen
  • Tom Scharf
  • La famille J. A. Lapalme
  • Don Weir
  • Guy Richard - Penage Bay Marina Inc.
  • Tom Duff
  • Bill and Sonya Matichuk
  • Raymond Franchetto
  • Edwin Jylha
  • Larry and Marilyn Widdifield
  • Evelyn Townend
  • Richard Cohen
  • Matt and Melanie Cherevaty
  • Cecil Duncan
  • Bernice Gorman
  • Kip Chaput
  • Jim Butler - Cosmos Glass Corporation
  • R. J. Sykes Insurance Ltd
  • Robert Cook
  • In Memory of Enci Difilippo - (Maria Difilippo and Deborah Bruyns)
  • Paul, Elizabeth, Tracy, and David Read
  • Hugh and Kim MacIsaac
  • Jeff Degroot
  • Ron and Dianne Grant
  • Jack and Lisa Cook
  • Doug Patrick
  • Ruth Patrick
  • Peter and Jean Blue
  • Alan and Debbie Walker
  • Jody Duncanson
  • Wayne and Jayd Mollnar
  • Jim, Monica, Ray and Eileen Forbom
  • Carl and Maria Laamanen
  • In Memory of Paul and Marie Fischesser - (Given by the Shetlers)
  • In Memory of Sid and Muriel Pickel - (Given by the Fischesser Girls)
  • Gordon and Monique Forsyth
  • The Families of John Greb and Rob Woodrow
  • Darren, Anne, Shaun, and Don Fraser - Budgell
  • Ken and Lil Stone